Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back in the zone...

Yesterday I subbed for Simon and taught 3 classes in a row. It was scary, fun, nourishing and energizing all at the same time. I started off slowly during the first class (my first teaching since early June) but found my feet again by the second one and was totally in the zen zone by the third which was luckily a movement as meditation class. I hope the students got as much out of the classes as I got out of teaching them. I so love giving back to people through my teaching. When I can just let go and teach fluidly from the heart, I feel that I have so much more left over than when I began. Learning through teaching. I was also able to use these classes as my guinea pigs for what I have learned from Yolanda and Lev in Oz. The ideas I shared were warmly received and certainly the nurturing that I brought back from Yolanda in particular added tremendously to my teaching style.

We stayed up to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Beijing last night and I must say that it blew me away. I spent all night dreaming of the giant firework footsteps leading to the stadium at the beginning of the ceremony. It was absolutely magnificent.

Today is a lazy Saturday spent together as a family and I'm simply enjoying the down time.

Happy zone time to you today too,



SarahJ said...

Jan, your meditative movement class on Friday was so relaxing. More of that, please.

Really, as I was going through each stretch, I thought everyone could benefit from this deep relaxation.

We hold so much tension that when we're finally relaxed we notice that's how we could feel mostly.

There's a vision.

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks Sarah... I'll try to stay on that path for the class this week.