Thursday, July 14, 2011

Releasing from stress

Today was a flurry of frantic phone calls and problem-solving that then culminated in healthy tears and raucous laughter with best friends. I'd do it all again just to have that final sweet release with my buddies. I know that at the end of my life I will NOT remember how worried and stressed I was today but I will ALWAYS carry with me the memories of laughing and sharing with my dear friends. It will lift me through the darkest times and give me true freedom from worries and stress. Remembering that the present moment is all we have and that it can be a beautiful moment if only we recognize it as it is.

How do you let go of the things that plague you? Is it as easy as sharing nibbles and stories with friends? Do you go running? Or do you simply change the record in your head that portends gloom and doom and instead witness joy and optimism?

I hope that just coming here will be a balm for you and that we can take a few slow deep breaths together right now to celebrate this moment.

Breathing in contentment
Breathing out stress
Breathing in tranquility
Breathing out worry
Breathing in....peace
Breathing out....peace

Thank you for sharing another special memory with me today. I am so very grateful for you.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Looking to commute the sentence...

I'm working through the slow molasses-like quality of body and mind at war. I am trying to make healthy choices and move myself towards vibrancy but the part of me that still "craves" unhealthy foods (especially sugar) is at war with the rational part of me that understands that each poor choice is truly adding to my jail sentence. Each cookie traps me in this unhealthy body for a longer period of time. I'm going to breathe, be kind to myself, and try again. Do you find yourself at war with yourself sometimes? Are you a prisoner of your own cravings? I'd love to hear how you overcome your own resistance to change.

Namaste from cell-block 8(ate),


Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating independence...

Big things are afoot here and seeking new ways to be free are a-coming. Hang on to your star-spangled banners because it is going to be BIG! Actually, hopefully I'm going for small in a big way. I'm ready to get healthy again. I lost my way with my health and weight after a series of life upsets and now I'm ready to reclaim health and vitality. So watch this spot for updates on how yoga, walking, and mindfulness is going to bring me freedom from myself!

Namaste ya'll,