Monday, January 11, 2010

Avatar Anonymous

Disclaimer: YOGAGALNW is on vacation this week. Posting may be irrelevant and just plain silly with very little at all to do with yoga.

Okay, here goes. I took my daughter and her friend to see Avatar in 3-D yesterday. We left in plenty of time to see a NORMAL movie but apparently the entire world is still bursting out of their houses to see Avatar, so by the time we got there only a few seats were left. In the first row. Literally, the only 3 seats left in the theater.

Now, a normal person would have realized that sitting in the front row of a highly graphic 3-D movie with two 10 year-olds is NOT a good idea. I've never actually been normal. I guess I remember being a kid myself and sitting in the front row of a movie and thinking it was kinda cool. Please keep reminding me I'm 40 and not 14 anymore...

We made it through the preview with my daughter only having her hands over her ears the entire time because of the sound. We managed through the first (totally amazing by the way)15 minutes of the movie only to discover that all 3 of us were nauseous. I mean WAY nauseous. We had to high-tail it out of that movie quicker than you can say barf-bag.

So, I stood up outside long enough to gulp down air and to ask for and receive a refund for the movie. The manager didn't balk at all about the situation. I got the definite feeling that this was happening on a regular basis at this movie or maybe they were simply afraid that I was going to toss my cookies through the little plastic payment slot. Anyway, they couldn't have been nicer about it and I'm very thankful for that.

I managed to drive the kids back to the house where they had fun playing and I fell into bed with dizziness and queasy stomach. Instead of feeling better, I just kept getting worse. It took me 5 hours and a few trips to the smallest room in the house to feel human again. Thank you darling hubby for taking the MUCH more resilient kids out to lunch and then our guest home again.

I think it's hysterical that the movie made me so sick. I can now add this to the LONG list of things that make me sick and not the average person. Along with, driving myself in my car on a windy road, standing on a pier, and watching birds flying by. So, so pitiful! I guess I should just be thankful that standing in tree pose watching the traffic going by DOESN'T make me ill. (I'll likely regret that last statement.)

Anyway, that's my posting for your amusement. I hope it made you laugh a little. Believe me, it really was very funny. I'm thinking of starting a support group for people who can't make it through Avatar without hurling.

Hugs but no hurls to you,


Friday, January 8, 2010

Marathon yoga teaching...

Hooray! Celebrate with me. I've just finished teaching 18 classes in two weeks and I feel great. It was a joyful, exhausting, and illuminating experience for me and I hope for the students I taught.

A true gift was given to me by a student that I've taught for a few terms now. She is a classic "push yourself harder" type of student. One that I'm steadily easing into a gentler space. A place of grace and acceptance. This week she told me that she had finally found a place opening within her by NOT striving for it. YES! I felt that I had truly made a difference in her life and hopefully in the lives of others.

I simply love my job and I am so grateful for the growth, kindness, and blessing of living this life. I read in a magazine today that being a celebrity means simply living a life filled with celebration. That's exactly how I feel. Come be a celebrity with me and exult in your wondrous life as well.

Namaste peeps,


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year... Happy New You!

Instead of celebrating a calendar date let's celebrate us! Our hopes, dreams and aspirations. Let's make this new year be all about achieving our fullest potential while simultaneously being grateful for what we've already got right in front of us. Happy New Me and Happy New You!

Hugs from my heart center,


Lessons from Mount St. Helens: Life is constant transformation...