Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teaching in the snow and dreaming of friends.

I taught my last Thursday class of the term today with snow falling outside and warm kindness being kindled inside. Two friends were the only students who braved the weather today and they were such a joy to teach. We unfolded together and slowly released tension moment by moment.

I have such good feelings about 2009. I think we are in for many ups and possibly a few downs, but in the end, the world is still turning and we are all slowly evolving. What could be more natural?

I imagined last night that I was speaking to an old friend who passed away this year and she told me to trust myself and others in order to be healthy and well. This conversation was so detailed and clear that I don't ponder for a moment about whether it emanated from within me or from a more spiritual space. I only know for sure that it was real and worthy of my attention.

Following this, I opened my yoga mudra book today and it fell open to a mudra that I had never noticed or practiced before. The VAJRAPRADAMA MUDRA or the unshakeable trust mudra over heart.

To practice this hand gesture you simply loosely intertwine the fingers of the left hand with the right and then place the two hands onto the chest, palms facing inwards. Begin focusing on your breath while scanning the body from crown of head to soles of feet and then slowly back. Proceed to deepen your feelings of security, self-confidence, and trust with each breath. Visualize yourself walking down a well-lit path and everyone you know and love is standing on either side of the path cheering for you and for your success. You may linger momentarily with each supporter or slowly continue your journey down the path. Eventually come into a circle of light that is beaming down onto your head and bathing your whole body in a warm supportive glow. Carry this warmth and security with you into the rest of your day as you slowly release the mudra and come back to present.

I trust that this post will find you bathing in your own brilliant light with a willingness to try something new,



Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Giveaway ideas

I love the idea of giveaways. It feels GREAT to think about what I could give to others. I'm polling to see what I could raffle off here at Petalsyoga to a reader. If you have any great ideas feel free to leave a comment here and let me know.

Hope you find a way to give of yourself today too.



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Posting for fun

Snow is on its way and Portland is excited. Strangers in stores are stocking up on staples while playing that funny game of "I think we're in for several inches of snow how about you?".

How funny to think that white frozen water can get us so jazzed up. It's been leaking the boring liquid rain for several days and there is a noticeable LACK of giddiness when people have to venture out into plain cold rain. All precipitation is not created equal I suppose. I'm going to do my best though to tip my face up into the sky the next time I go out irregardless of the weather. I'll simply savor the atmospheric moment and enjoy it. Good training for whatever is coming my way.

My Yoga for Healing class is being offered again this coming month and hopefully enough people will sign up for it to make it a go. If you or anyone you know is interested in a gentle, meditative class to promote inner wellness feel free to send them my way and I'll get the details to you about the class.

Well, I hope this weekend is exactly the sort your body is clamoring for. Whether energetic or lazy, may it be sufficient.



Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick blog


I know I've been delinquent here. Sorry. So to make up for it I'm posting something wonderfully inspiring and meaningful. Can you remember any songs from your childhood? Something that evokes memories of school lunches, playground tussles, and perhaps slightly off-kilter teachers. I can and did this morning. My old elementary school "school song". Sung to the tune of Eidelweiss: I think that's enough said to give you a good chuckle. So here it is:

Auburndale, Auburndale, proudly we sing thy praises. Hopes held high, as eagles fly... true to our red, white, and blue. Innnnn-Spiration for all our dreams, and our theme, is friend-ship. Hand in hand, we will stand, for our dear Auburndale.

Now why... you may ask... would I remember any of this when I can barely remember my husband's name and can't even clearly remember how he proposed to me? Simple, this makes a great dinner party gambit. Try singing this with good friends and watch them laugh their heads off!

Oh, I love nostalgia. This all comes via wonderful memories being stirred up over on . If you haven't had a chance to join yet, I'd bet you will soon. It's lure is irresistible and comprehensive. It's part voyeur, part slumber party, and part cause-crusader all rolled together. Go ahead, consider this your invitation to join the party.

I hope your week ahead is filled with joyful belly laughs and time spent connecting with friends and family.

With hugs,