Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quick blog


I know I've been delinquent here. Sorry. So to make up for it I'm posting something wonderfully inspiring and meaningful. Can you remember any songs from your childhood? Something that evokes memories of school lunches, playground tussles, and perhaps slightly off-kilter teachers. I can and did this morning. My old elementary school "school song". Sung to the tune of Eidelweiss: I think that's enough said to give you a good chuckle. So here it is:

Auburndale, Auburndale, proudly we sing thy praises. Hopes held high, as eagles fly... true to our red, white, and blue. Innnnn-Spiration for all our dreams, and our theme, is friend-ship. Hand in hand, we will stand, for our dear Auburndale.

Now why... you may ask... would I remember any of this when I can barely remember my husband's name and can't even clearly remember how he proposed to me? Simple, this makes a great dinner party gambit. Try singing this with good friends and watch them laugh their heads off!

Oh, I love nostalgia. This all comes via wonderful memories being stirred up over on . If you haven't had a chance to join yet, I'd bet you will soon. It's lure is irresistible and comprehensive. It's part voyeur, part slumber party, and part cause-crusader all rolled together. Go ahead, consider this your invitation to join the party.

I hope your week ahead is filled with joyful belly laughs and time spent connecting with friends and family.

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