Saturday, January 26, 2013

Breathing through...

Breathing Haiku

Crud is in my chest
Breath labored, but heart is full
Smile is never lost

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello again...

Hello friends, It has been much, much too long since I've visited my writing space. Please forgive me. Life has been filled with so many ups and downs and I guess it has taken me a lot of healing time to be able to write about it. Maybe I'm still not ready but I am ready to share some thoughts and ideas with you, so here goes:

Today in Healing Yoga I introduced my version of mindfulness-based Reiki which began with, "In this moment I give up anger, In this moment I give up fear and worry, and In this moment I embrace gratitude and love." instead of the traditional "Just for today". It felt right to me but it is an interesting difference.

What is the meaning of "this moment" in contrast to "just for today". Are these phrases the same or fundamentally different? I think placing us in the current moment without any expectation of how the rest of the moments of the day will unfold, helps us tap more fully into the vibrations of love and gratitude. This is only my opinion and I would be grateful for your opinions and insights. I am no Reiki master. I am pure student and alchemist but I want to learn more so I put it out there for discussion. What do you think?

In any case, I felt pure love flowing through me today as I practiced and it hopefully spilled over onto you as I did so, dear reader.

May your life and each moment be filled with joyful abundance.



p.s.  That cute dog peering at you is our sweet beagador Lolly.  She sends you a lick and love too.