Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fun with the folks....

So the parental types have landed and the fun will ensue. My mom and dad came in last night, having driven cross-country for probably the 5th time in 3 years. They are seriously not into flying!!!

Mom and Dad arrived in time for dinner...a not too shabby chicken/ veggie stir fry I whipped up.... and then we went with them to help unload their luggage into their condo. To finish off, my mom and I went for a short walk at 9:00pm just to stretch our legs. More excitement at night than I've had for weeks!

Today will be an Izzy day I'm sure, and she will be spoiled and cosseted throughout the day by doting grandparents. She's already had one big dose of this treatment in Australia this summer so I'll have to watch to make sure she doesn't get too aggressive in her demands. You know like, "Can I have another Webkinz? I only have 300." If by some chance you have managed to escape Webkinz mania then you are truly lucky and probably much wealthier than the rest of us poor saps who keep pouring money into this endless obsession.
Come to think of it, my mom is the one who started this Webkinz nonsense a few years ago... it won't hurt her to buy the next round after all!

So that's what's up in our world today. Hubby and I continue our yoga training and he's still the driving force behind the nightly practice, so it must be doing him some good.

Take care and I hope you are having fun with your folks today too,


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