Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Managing disappointment...

No cooking but will you settle for berries? The cooking lesson didn't happen because Izzy woke up "feeling puny", as my mother would say. So we will have to reschedule it.

Today we are supposed to go berry picking with friends and I will really try to take some pics and get them up here for you because let's face it.... my blog is getting boring. All of the other blogs have started to shun me and laugh behind my back. They are oh so hip and up to the minute, while this blog has started to get that old car smell. (funky and not appealing)

So with Izzy and friends in tow, we will be on a mission today to find fun and hunt it down in the interests of blogdom everywhere. As my little Jedi warrior would say, "May the force be with us."


Cheeky Petals

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