Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trying new things

I have a Korean cooking lesson with a mom of one of Izzy's friends today. I'm so excited to not only learn about new sauces and foods but to give myself a new challenge. It's so easy to get stuck in ruts and not try new things.

We had the dinner party last night and the omaha steaks were okay. Probably better than okay but not great. The burgers however were awesome. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy them but I think they were definitely worth the small amount of shipping I had to pay for them.

The weather has already turned autumnish here with grey skies and colder temps. The sun is setting sooner and the kids are restless. Yikes, it's only the 2nd of August and school doesn't go back until Sept. 2nd. Izzy finished all six of the Star Wars movies and is now talking nonstop about which of the characters she wants to be for Halloween. I strongly suspect we'll have a little ewok running amok come Oct. 31st.

Okay then, I'm getting ready for my lesson and preparing myself to be a good student for the day.

Hope you are seeking out new challenges as well or at least enjoying a lazy day,


oops... I promised something exciting here today. Okay, I'll try to post some pictures of my cooking (whether flops or triumphs). That should satisfy the masses. ;-)

Also if you haven't already, check out this blog for a little light entertainment: I think it is hilarious.

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