Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yoga at home

So, I'm done with teaching for another 3 weeks or so until the Fall term starts. Actually I'm not really on hiatus because I've been teaching my husband every night after work and fairly intensively this weekend. He started out as VERY dubious about the efficacy of yoga to "help him get fit", but he is now yogi addict. He won't leave me alone in fact and today was even giving me ideas for this blog about "how yoga opens new vistas of self-awareness". Talk about a conversion! He's pestering me all of the time to work with him and I can't say I mind. It's helping me get in better shape and it's fun working one on one with him. I haven't managed to get Izzy into it yet, but my Mom and Dad are coming for a visit next week, so maybe I'll get them going as well. Then my blog can morph into the yogi family blog...;-)

Other than yoga I didn't put my nose out of the house because I'm reading an amazing book called The Lost A Search for Six of Six Million by Daniel Mendelsohn. I'm finding it both engrossing and emotional as I can relate so much to his descriptions of relatives and his childhood. I find myself going back in time to sitting in Aunt Ida's house eating Sunshine Lemon Cooler Cookies and trying to avoid her endless requests for this or that to be done for her. "Honey get the remote for me... then get me some water...honey my eyeglasses... honey my mail... can you bring me my purse... honey honey honey..." that was Aunt Ida. In The Lost it all comes flooding back to me and yet is still very alien because it deals extensively with the part of his family that was lost in the Holocaust. I'm sure we lost members of my family in the Holocaust, but it was never a family focus as it was for Daniel Mendelsohn. His story makes me regret that I didn't spend more time interviewing my relatives for their histories and stories when I had the chance. Now it is too late to recover most if not all of the history of my family before they came to America. My father has recently had some luck finding immigration documents but we've lost many of the stories forever. So, if you are interested in genealogic storytelling then this book is a great read and highly recommended.

I'm off to bed now. Hope you have some good reading in front of you too,


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