Monday, August 25, 2008

Family laughs

It was wet, gray, and cold down in Astoria and we had a great time. Izzy couldn't believe we went all the way there and basically just had lunch and a look around, but it was worth it. Astoria is enchanting even on a wet day and just traveling with the family is worth it anyway.

I was laughing so hard driving down that I was afraid I'd pee in my pants. We kept passing trucks going back to Portland with 2 giant chickens, 2 sharks, a carnivorous fish, and a balloon/bobble head person on them and I was the only one who saw each one of these things. My family thought I was hallucinating until they all finally saw a truck with a giant turkey on it. Turns out yesterday was the end of the Hood to Coast relay and those funny cars must have been related to the race. The turkey one was part of the Road Kill Grill team and I am so thankful that everyone saw it. For a moment there I began to think I WAS losing my mind.

Today I'm taking mom to Simon's yoga class and it should be interesting. Whenever I try to practice yoga with her she begins giggling and making funny noises. This should be fun.

Thanks for giving me your input on the giving and receiving blog. I'm thinking that giving feels better but being able to receive is crucial to good health. More on that later.

Happy last week of school-free summer to you all,


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