Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A long day of learning...

Happy Tuesday from Australia,

I spent 6 hours today in a yoga workshop with Lev Dulitsky and had a truly mind-energizing experience. My stomach was also galvanized by a wonderful lunch of soup, russian dumplings, and pastries whipped up by Lev's multi-talented wife Elizabeth Dulitsky. (You KNOW how much I love pastries!)

Lev introduced me to ideas about energy and affirmations that I haven't experienced before. We also explored Tibetan Meditation and Oki-do yoga meridian work. I took many notes and have great things to bring back and share with my students this fall... especially for the Yoga for Healing class. Lev was extremely generous with his knowledge and laughter. It was a wonderful day.

Izzy finally got out of the house today and enjoyed the fairy store down the street with her grandmother. She is so comfortable here in Australia and is satisfied with just pottering around the house and garden. David also returned from Sydney tonight and was glowing with joy from spending time in his favorite city with his best friend Joffa. We have so much to be grateful for.

I'm readying myself for bed tonight and will be dreaming of rabbit ears, elephant ears, and buddha ears tonight. Be sure to ask me about this when we next meet.

Warm hugs,


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Anonymous said...

Hope Izzy is feeling much better now!

How's the jet lag? Still got that head floating to the ceiling feeling - or is that the yoga? :-)

Love to you all
Angela, Peter, Peter and Alice xxx