Monday, June 30, 2008


Guess what? There were no neenish tarts on Acland street! I know, I know, I'm a pastry tease. I bought something else very creamy and goopy today from Le Bon Cakes on Acland and I'll let you know after dinner tonight how it shapes up. {Update--- Please see picture left. --- THIS PASTRY WAS AWESOME!!!! Rich cream and jam snuggled on shortbread and cake with a yummy pink icing robe! I feel so much better now! ;-) }
All of the cake shops left on Acland street are European style so I must have been delusional to think they'd have dinkum aussie neenish tarts. Anyway, I was distraught after all the build up on this blog about the treats and felt really guilty about not delivering the goods. On the plus side though, Acland street was still just as funky and hip as ever and I felt so much at home there. 17 years fell away as I cruised up and down the street peering into old favorites and then finding new shopping gems to explore.

As to the overall vibe here in Melbourne, I'd say it feels very prosperous still and forward looking. People seem upbeat and are really proud that the Aussie dollar is at par with the U.S. dollar for the first time. The news in the papers is less chipper, but except at the petrol pumps, I rarely hear people grumbling these days about the economy.

Thanks to Sarah about the comment on my new photo heading. My mother-in-law took that photo in her own back garden last year and it just seemed perfect for the blog. I love it too!

On to yoga:
Yolanda delivered another beautiful class today and I learned so much about sequencing and body placement. She is very careful about head and neck alignment. I will definitely be doing more of this in own classes. If your head is properly aligned in mountain pose (chin slightly tucked downward) for instance, you are absolutely more grounded and protected in everyday life. Something to think about.

I need to run as I'm preparing dinner for the whole family tomorrow and have a brisket to slow cook for many hours in preparation. As always, it's all about the food!

Warm hugs to all,


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