Saturday, June 14, 2008

Getting ready...

So, we leave for our big trip to Australia this week. So much to do but I'm just in end-of-school languish mode. Just enjoying lazy moments with my family and avoiding responsibility. I really do need to pick up some chewable dramamine though, or I will be very unhappy on the plane ride over!!!! Yuck!

I'm so looking forward to yoga sessions with Simply Yoga's Yolanda Pettinato and Oki-Do Yoga teacher, Lev Dulitsky. Both are teachers focusing on body healing and yoga as a holistic experience.

I also can't wait to see family and friends in Melbourne. David's grandmother is 98 this year and totally amazing! She still lives at home alone and plucks her own garden weeds when no one is watching. Manna is definitely my hero. If I can get enough secrets out of her about life, then I know I'll have something special to pass on to my own little girl.

Okay, I'm pulling out of the dreamtime and back into trip-planning mode... off to the drugstore! Thanks for reading!

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