Saturday, June 28, 2008

Off and away

Sorry I've been a slacker about writing the last few days. All is well here and we've been enjoying family get-togethers and taking in the sights. Speaking of which..

David and I are off to a night on the town in the city (or CBD in Melbourne speak, which stands for central business district)and then we have a new hotel to try out. This is one of our best rituals. Every year we continue our quest for the perfect hotel. It has to be near Chinatown, great shopping, Flinders station, etc... I've picked a new one which is: The Mantra 100 Exhibition. I booked us through a travelocity affiliate called and got a great deal. I'll let you know my opinion of it when we get back. We're off now to watch our nephew Oliver play football (otherwise known as soccer) and then we'll hop a train to the city. The weather is rainy, cold, and blustery so we'll see how this tough Ozzie kid manages to make goals in the mud.

More to come soon and thanks for still reading,


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