Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Treats and tricks...

I'm sure most of you are asking the single burning question of the day.... has she had that Neenish tart yet? The simple answer is yes... and no. I had a very good one yesterday from the bakery on Hampton street that I like (humorously named The Loaf In Bakery) and I'm saving one from Keith's Cakes on Church street for my afternoon tea today. But the all time greatest Neenish Tart from Acland Street is still eluding me. Not for long though... I figured out how to drive there from my yoga class today. HOORAY!

On to yoga. I had a wonderfully serene and satisfying yoga class today with Yolanda at her studio. Her style is so warm and inclusive and she is a master at pacing the class through deceptively effective asanas. Every move was filled with light and ease but I still managed to work out quite a few muscle groups this morning! I loved her encouraging words and gentle manner during the class. I feel certain that I will be incorporating many of her teachings into my own.

After the yoga class, we had a 20 minute meditation practice. My meditation session was going well until I suddenly became very nauseous at the end of it. I'm not sure why this happens to me during meditation. Yolanda assured me that it will get better and that she has experienced this as well. I'm glad...I felt like such an idiot having to lay down on the floor during meditation to overcome the queasiness. So typical of me really, when you consider I get car sickness even when I'm driving! I suppose meditation is like that.. me driving my body/mind and not always being careful enough not to start and stop abruptly or simply taking mind curves too quickly.

Well, that's my day in a nutshell so far. Please keep checking in and sending me comments. I love seeing that map add red dots. And by the way, Izzy is fine now - thanks for asking!



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