Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cleaning house

Oh how I wish that title were metaphorical! I actually have to clean house today... we're currently living like squatters in our own house. Time to take back the house! I'll be cleaning today and trying to focus on lofty yogic principles at the same time. Here's one that I should definitely try to keep in mind:

"However simple a particular yogic approach may be, all approaches require a huge commitment. If we fear change and cling to our old habits, we cannot succeed in Yoga. The practice of Yoga calls for considerable personal effort, which involves self-discipline."

I'm so in trouble!

Hope you are in for some good clean fun today yourself...


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Stephanie said...

I cleaned house yesterday too... must have been something in the Portland air! I'm originally from Nashville, so it's quite a change being here. Thanks for reading my blog.