Friday, July 11, 2008

So much to catch up on

I had a wonderful week with Yolanda Pettinato who generously spent so much of her time with me. We worked on my teaching skills and also she was very devoted to deepening my meditation practice. My head is spinning with all of the new ideas and concepts I have been exposed to. Now comes the exciting part of the journey where I begin to meld my own ideas to the ones I've learned in order to build something authentic and powerful for myself and by extension my students.

Thank you to friends and students who have been emailing me that I am missed. I am so grateful for the relationships and friendships I have all around the world. I never feel lonely because I am surrounded by so much love and warmth.

Okay, I must run because the family has arrived for a last dinner together, but I will post more soon.



p.s. See attached photo of Neenish Tarts from Church Street in Brighton. A yummy treat from my doting mother-in-law.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jan,

We can't wait to take your classes this fall with all the international flair you'll be bringing us.

And, the cookies!

Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

Your blogs make me feel quite hungry Jan :-)

We've a feeling it must be Izzy's birthday coming up? Many happy returns from Angela & Peter, Peter & Alice xxxxxx