Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yesterday was my first day back to class with Simon. It was so good to see friends I've missed and to get back into my meditative comfort zone. By the end of class, I felt the way you feel pulling on your favorite t-shirt after misplacing it for a while. So happy to be back in it and so thankful to have found it again. I was able to use what I've learned in Australia to deepen my appreciation of all I have here. Mostly, I'm just so appreciative to have great teachers like Simon, Yolanda, and Lev to draw from. That reminds me, I haven't mentioned another great yoga teacher in Portland that I am appreciative of. Jim Gillen of Still Moving Yoga What a tremendously nice guy with so much to offer! I've taken two workshops from Jim in his SW Portland studio, and learned a lot about safe alignment principles from him. Jim and his wife Lynea are also hosting a benefit concert tomorrow, so if you live in Portland and are interested please check it out at:
Good Karma Garden Concert July 27th

Okay, that's me for now. Hope you are taking time to enjoy the ahhhhh moments in your own life right now too.



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