Friday, July 4, 2008

Missing my other half...

Happy 4th of July from Oz,

David took off on the epic voyage home today and as always, it feels a little melancholy without him here. He becomes effervescent the moment he arrives in Melbourne, so it's a big hole to fill when he leaves. We laugh like crazy when we first arrive here, because the first thing he does is to kiss the ground outside Melbourne Airport because he's so happy to be home. I'm sure he'll swallow someone else's gum one of these days off the sidewalk! He'll be happy to get back to Portland too, but it's trite but true, "there's no place like home".

Anyway, we just took it easy today and I went for a shortish walk and did some easy yoga this morning. Nothing too taxing as I think we all needed the break. Tomorrow the rounds begin again with family and friends. Played around with Google Earth tonight and if you haven't done this I can't recommend it highly enough. Such fun to go whizzing around the world peeking into other people's back gardens. Not seriously, as the graphics thankfully have some limits, but it is still great fun to check out landmarks and places missed. Check it out here at: Google Earth if you haven't already.

Namaste and I hope this finds you well and happy,


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