Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Petals floating down the river

We're home! After 33 days of living out of suitcases and sponging off of relations, we are finally home in Portland. The weather is grey and cool so I KNOW that I'm home! My husband told me that the Rose City has had lots of sunshine lately, but I think it was just a conspiracy to lure me back. All kidding aside, coming home from the airport this morning reminded me again how amazing this place is. Green and homey with a laid-back attitude. Really, Portland is a perfect fit for us and I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere else right now in my life. (Although the fortune teller told me that I'm thinking of moving soon... hmmm... news to me!)

I'm looking forward to seeing friends here in Portland and getting back into my regular routine. I promise to continue looking for the silly and interesting in my day to day life and posting it right here for the rest of you. Thanks for being my travel companions for the last month!

Ciao from The City of Bridges,



Vijay said...

Hi, Jan,
It's great to have you back!

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks Vijaya,

Can't wait to see you! Maybe I can make it to class on Friday. Thanks so much for the tea. We are all enjoying it so much.

See you soon,