Sunday, August 30, 2009

Update on Chris and birthday wishes...

This is from Mary today:

Hi Everyone,

Chris is at home in Santa Barbara. He was released from the hospital on Wednesday. He spent the rest of the week getting reaquainted with his life. He does have some energy but not a lot. He had enough to make waffles and O.J. for breakfast his first day home. He is taking it easy and enjoying Margaret, Greg, his sister Meg ( who is staying with them to help care for him) and the many friends who are dropping by to say welcome home.

He had his 48th birthday today complete with homemade chocolate cake that Margaret made for him. All his family and friends came by to wish him well and he had a very nice day.

He had not needed any blood products since he has returned home but if and when he does he will get them up in S.B. There is a visiting nurse who comes by every 3 days to take his blood and run it up to S.B. to have the labs run on it.

Margaret and Chris are looking at a phase I trial (very risky) of a new drug that Eli Lilly is just starting to develop. It has only been tested on laboratory animals and in one human trial involving 26 patients all with different kinds of terminal cancer. He has been invited to be part of this study but it is not very hopeful that it will help cure him. It might even hasten his death.

They know that he has about 2 months maybe 4 at the most to live without treatment. They are still looking out there for alternative as well as other more proven treatments for AML M5 leukemia. If you find anything that looks promising please don't hesitate to email me.

Thanks for all your prayer of support over the last couple of months. They mean a lot to the family and to me.

Lots of Love,



Please join me in sending Chris birthday wishes filled with warmth and kindness.

Love to you all as well,



Kristina P. said...

Happy birthday to Chris! May his next one be even more magical.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Hoping the next year brings many good things.

bodaat said...

Happy Birthday Chris!