Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Let the baby-sitting continue...

Nothing new to report about Chris other than this is the only round of chemo to date that has actually made him sick. The doctors are optimistic about this because they think that may mean that it is finally working and the experimental drug may have worked. Keep those prayers and healing vibes going please!

Had a great time yesterday with the kids. I took Mary's two and my own to a local indoor rock wall to climb. They were the cutest climbing monkeys I've ever seen. I'd write more but they are coming over in a minute for day two of silly fun.

Hope this finds you healthy, happy, and overflowing with gratitude for whatever life has on offer.

Much love to you all,



Kristina P. said...

I hope you have a great day, Jan!

Deanna said...

Good news on Chris.

How fun on the rock climbing. Take time and don't worry so much hun - you are in God's hands.

{Katie Lane} said...

Optimistic is good. Glad that you have so much of it to share :)