Saturday, August 22, 2009

Six Word Saturday

My six word Saturday from Cate at

I am now in this breath.

Here's the story. I was stressed and exhausted this week. Not myself at all. I went to the lake where I've been teaching CanDo Yoga, practiced some healing yoga and then tried the following breath meditation:

I began looking down on myself from above and watching myself breathe. With each inhale breath I heard my internal voice saying, "I am now" and with each exhale I heard, "in this breath." This made me feel totally balanced and relaxed. I hope it works for you too.

In other news:

Chris had his bone marrow test on Friday and we should know by Monday if the cancer is in remission or not and whether he can go forward with the transplant. I'll fill everyone in as I get the news. Mary told me that he is so thankful for all the prayers and good wishes from you all. Thanks so much again.

My friend Wendy is healing from her surgery and at home. I saw her for a moment on Thursday and she looks very weak but beautiful. I am so thankful that she has pulled through this so well.

I'm teaching 7 classes this week of meditation and yoga. YIKES! I've been averaging 3 a month this summer! I'm covering Simon's classes for him this week and really looking forward to it. In any case, I should have lots to blog about after this week...

And finally, here's the link for the YogaEasy Benefit Workshop that Yolanda Pettinato is giving for the Oregon Food Bank on October 10, 2009. Ya'll Come!

Hugs to you all,



Call Me Cate said...

I'm glad you're feeling more relaxed now. Thinking good thoughts for Chris.

Thanks for playing along!

bodaat said...

that meditation phrase is oh so yummy. thank you for that!

Kristina P. said...

I hope you have a nice relaxing weekend!

Caroline said...

That is beautiful.

Dr.John said...

I have trouble with every breath

Kimberly said...

WOW! I'm glad your feeling better now. I need to relax more!!

Deanna said...

It is good to know you feel more balanced now. Breathe deep!

Still thinking positive thought and prayers for Chris.

Elle Bee said...

I like that inhale/exhale thought of I am now in this breath. Beautiful.

Melissa B. said...

Balanced...just the way to be!

Barkley's Mommy said...

With a hectic month coming up, I'll definately have to give yur breathing exercise a try. Panic makes me hyperventilate!

Anonymous said...

I'll give that technique a try! Hope you've had a relaxing weekend.

Praying for Chris and wishing for good news to come his way.

A xxx