Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Drizzle but no Fizzle


It rained today during the one hour I was supposed to teach Can-Do Yoga in the park. My loyal student and friend VJ showed up and we waited 15 minutes to make sure no one else was coming to do moist yoga. Then we went over to visit our friend Wendy who is recuperating from her surgery. We only stayed a short time and practiced a very short meditation together, but I hope it was a boost for her. (she said it was...)

My two yoga classes went well yesterday and I'm looking forward to the meditation and yoga classes tomorrow. With every class I discover more about my teaching and how much more I have to learn. Letting go of striving for perfection in my teaching is liberating and fun. I think my best classes are the ones where I can laugh at my mistakes and the class can join in. We still manage to follow a path into relaxation together and that is what I call a successful class.

I feel a lightness within me again that has been missing for a while. It is no accident that this is corresponding with my return to regular yoga classes. I have kept up my home practice but I gain so much from my interaction with others in yoga class. The energy we build together is sustaining. I don't know any other word for it. Sustaining enough that even though I have some worries in my life (see below) I am managing it with greater equanimity.

No news about Chris other than the family is looking into Reiki healing for him now and still anxious to hear if anyone else has had any luck with treatment for AML-M5 Acute Leukemia. Leave me a comment or email me if you have any ideas.

Much love and equanimity to you as well,



Blushing hostess said...

I do not know anything about it but my Dad had pancreatic cancer, during treatment (which I will not have when it happens to me) he was truly soothed by reiki and he was not the sort of person who would have otherwise gone near any such thing... it is a wise idea.

Shanti Mama said...

Teaching is an amazing experience, isn't it? I remember my first year teaching and how much I learned during that time. Still every class I learn so much more.

As for reiki, I recently did first degree training with a woman out of Idaho who was been practicing since 1977 and learned from Ms. Takata. Check out her website, maybe it will lead you to something or someone: http://www.reikihealingarts.com/index.htm

Deanna said...

I wish I had something to offer other than my thoughts and prayers.

I really need to get back into the peacefulness of yoga... I quit doing yoga years ago when I had surgery and never returned. I've been through breast cancer (mastectomy and chemo) and have Lupus. I know Yoga would help me... I'll keep reading your posts and one of these days I'll take that important step!