Monday, August 17, 2009

Be like a cabbage and roll...

My Russian cousin Luba is visiting today and making cabbage rolls and pelmeni. Yum. The house smells wonderful and she has been cooking up a storm for hours. I've been a diligent sous chef but she outlasted me and I'm taking a break while everything boils to blog.

Here are the pics:

Cabbage Rolls


Meat filling for both:

The gorgeous chef... my cousin Luba!

My very inferior Chicken Olive Surprise...

I wish we had taste-o-vision. You'd be so happy right now!

I hope you are having a making memories kind of day too.




bodaat said...

oh my gosh, i am starving right now and seeing those pics makes me salivate!

Deanna said...

Oh my goodness those look delicious! How in the world does she seal those things so tightly? There has to be a well guarded secret.

PetalsYoga said...

Luba is amazing. I watched her but still couldn't get the hang of it. She whipped up that dough in 5 minutes flat! Each cabbage roll stayed perfectly packaged too! My freezer is full and our tummies were too.

Come visit for yummies!