Saturday, July 25, 2009

Yoga Nidra is my nemesis...

Not really but it seemed kinda like a catchy little tune one might whistle on a hot day.

So, for those of you who are wondering, Yoga Nidra is translated as Yoga Sleep... which is ironic... it's about being totally awake and minutely focused while resting on the ground. Those yogi's are such kidders...

So here's some more information about Yoga Nidra from a Yoga Journal review of Yoga Nidra: The Meditative Heart of Yoga with Richard Miller for you. Richard Miller is one of the most influential teachers and proponents of Yoga Nidra and well worth learning from.

But I digress, we're talking nemesis stuff here, right? In a nutshell, during Yoga Nidra you optimally lie down, focus on your breathing, and then focus on each part of the body with deep awareness. Slowly moving from the feet throughout the entire body until you finally reach the crown of the head (not always but for the sake of this blog let's say this is the most traditional method)and eventually a state of deep relaxation and meditation. It is incredibly powerful, accessible to most people, and deceptively difficult.

Generally I get to my left knee and begin thinking of why I should be taking my parents to the coast this weekend or how to get a raspberry stain out of my wood tabletop. My body and mind are constantly in a tug of war during this process. But when I practice regularly (like daily) my mind does calm down and even if I never get past that left kneecap something inside of me changes and reboots. I am able to deal with life's ups and downs without being overwhelmed. My anxiety levels lower and I sleep better. So even while I'm calling this practice my arch enemy, the truth is that yoga nidra and meditation are actually my best friends in disguise. I invite you to give it a try for yourself.

Here's a link to my yoga teacher Simon Menasche's FREE body prep and body scan to try it for yourself: The body prep by itself is very powerful, but the two together is magic. If you can't access it then try listening to it here on my blogtalkradio show. Enjoy!

Namaste friends,



bodaat said...

i agree, it's very hard to do. my mind always wander. i guess what i've read is that the awareness of your mind wandering is the awareness that you're looking for. it definitely is hard! i haven't yet got too far with it or felt the benefits but then again, i haven't really given it a shot. good for you for getting to your left knee! I think i'm still at my pinky toe - hahaha!

Raghav Singh said...

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