Thursday, July 30, 2009

No new news about Chris...

Chris is stable right now but I think they are restarting the chemo today in hopes that the cell softening experimental drug will make it work better than it has the last 3 times. Mary is on her way down there today to help and be with them and I'll be helping to watch her kids while she is gone.

We are all so interconnected aren't we? Like pebbles thrown into the water, one single disturbance has thousands of ripples of effect. I like this notion of not being isolated or untouched by other people's lives. It is painful sometimes to go through with friends and family the hardships of life, but it is sweet as well. Weathering adversity together strengthens the bonds of friendship and love. Mary was there for me when I had to fly off for my mom and dad's ill health several years ago. She took care of my daughter while I was gone and now I have the opportunity to give back to her in the same way. I hope I can do half as good a job.

Thanks again to all you for your continued prayers, good wishes, and great ideas. You are some of my favorite pebbles in life!




Kristina P. said...

I will continue to pray for them!

vj said...

I almost died when I was 9. The doctors had told my parents that they were unable to do anything more and I was just about to leave the world. I am writing this decades later. There have been many people who have been amazed that I lived through that ordeal. For example, I recently met a doctor at a party and she was saying “You had tetanus and you are still here! I haven’t met anyone who had tetanus and still living”, certainly not anyone who had convulsions and was in a coma for several days.

So what have all those extra years that I have lived done for me? Although I have not been perfect, making my fair share of mistakes, I have gone way out of my way to help people live happy lives countless times. I send the power of all the good work I have done, and meditation that I do daily, to Chris, Mary, Jan and all of you to face the current situation with strength and courage and come out of it in the best way possible. May you all have happiness and good luck. One of my mottos through all these years has been “down but not out”. That’s what I wish for Chris too. I wish him good health and a fast recovery.

PetalsYoga said...

Thank you Kristina for your loving support. You are so gifted and kind and I really appreciate you checking in with me here regularly.


There are no words for me to share how much I appreciate you and your overflowing generosity of kindness. There are people in life who make the world a better place and you are their king!

Many many hugs to you,


vj said...

Hi, Jan,
Thanks for the kind words, though I certainly wouldn't think of myself as a king of anything. I am glad to hear that Chris is doing better. I hope you ear is feeling better too.
With best regards,