Saturday, July 4, 2009

What I just's not my fault I'm addicted to sugar!

So we're sitting here watching "A Capitol 4th" on PBS (stop laughing... it's one of our traditions) and I just had a moment of crystal clarity about who I am today and why.

Sesame Street is 40 years old. I am 40 years old. Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and the rest of the Sesame Street Gang were just on TV singing and celebrating this Independence Day. I cried when they sang "Sing a Song". I ALWAYS cry at that song.

But then it hit me... The song "I Love Trash" is something I took a bit too much to heart as a kid and now an adult. My house is filled with old crap we don't need. Seriously, how cool was Oscar as a kid? Why wouldn't I want to be like him? And then they sang "C is for Cookie" and again, I think I took this just a little too seriously as a life choice rather than just a cute little song. I can't remember not gobbling up a single cookie that came my way in life. Think I can send the medical and psychological bills to our friends on Sesame Street?

I'm just saying, it ain't just a kids show if it causes you to be a messy, cookie snorting hog! On the flip side, I can count well because of the counting Count AND I'm sure "Sing a Song" really did make me a better person.

Here's my favorite song just for you... Happy Independence Day!




{Katie Lane} said...

This is too funny. love these kinds of memories :)

Kelly said...

Love that song! I have so many good memories of Sesame Street!

Anonymous said...

It's funny but I actually can't believe Sesame Street is ONLY 40 years old. It was there for all my childhood and was so well-crafted and beautifully thought out that it seemed like a established treasure even back then. I loved it. xx

Michel said...

Pssst! Would you like to buy an "o"???

I still kinda love sesame street. In fact, I'm currently sporting bert's brows because I'm unable to find a place that can speak english and understand me when I say "Brows! There should be 2!"

bodaat said...

happy 4th to you too!

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks for visiting everybody. Did anybody else also kind of have a crush on Luis?

Ms Cupcake said...

Following your blog!

Deanna said...

I was 17 when Sesame Street came on the scene. I'll have to admit it did a lot of babysitting for my kids.

I'd rather my kids hang out with the likes of Big Bird than the likes of the stupid brat cartoons they have on TV nowadays. I absolutely refuse to let my grandkids watch some of them.

Nice memory.