Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Totally Random Sunday and catching up...

First I want to apologize for my slackerness for the last week. I've been in California visiting family and just generally chillin'. I'm home now though, and ready to dive back into blogging.

I love my family. They are silly, funny, loving, and warm. We always have a great time together and it is always a wrench to say goodbye and leave. We are 5 families living in 5 different states. If only we lived a little closer to each other and could see each other more often, I'd be overjoyed. My parents are coming to town tomorrow for a good long stay and that makes me so happy, but my sweet daughter is really missing her cousins something fierce. She was sobbing for the better part of an hour yesterday in the airport after we said goodbye to my brother and nephew at the security checkpoint. Seems I spend a lot of time in airports explaining why my daughter is in tears. She did the same thing on the trip back from Australia in April after leaving family there. These are the times I feel most sad that she is an only child. I feel so lucky to even have her knowing that medically I couldn't have more, but I know she would have been even happier with a brother or sister to share and grow with. Nobody ever said being a parent was easy did they?

Okay, that was a bit of a downer... sorry.

Let's move on to the lighter stuff. Today was my 5th Can-Do Yoga class and it was great. 7 new and returning students, warm weather, gorgeous scenery, and the resident blue heron was soaring back and forth low over the lake as we practiced. A very soothing start to the weekend.

Let's bring on the randomness!!!

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It's time for the third week of Totally Random Sunday. Here's your randomness for the day...

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Deanna said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. It is wonderful that you keep close to family even though there is such distance between you. I'm sure your sweet daughter understands and it will get easier as she gets older.

JanMary said...

Thanks for the visit :)

Hope you have a great day.

Michaela said...

Leaving family is always hard - it sounds like your daughter had fun though and I hope that she can remember that and not just the good-byes.

Night Owl Mama said...

Awww I so know how your dd feels We had a neice that lived in Tennesse and my dd and I hated taking her back to the airport and sending her home. They both cried the whole time.
Hopefully you have a WEB CAM and the kids can talk weekly. Definitely helps the lonely and the missing you's

Come by for a laugh

Night Owl Mama said...

oops for got to mention I came by from SITS :)

Anonymous said...

Been there before, with 4 siblings in 3 continents. The 8 children of the 4 siblings (2 each) went through similar moments as Izzy has been going through. Now that the 8 children are bigger, they are able to cope with the vast separation a lot more easily. The internet helps quite a bit too.

I met Izzy for the first time the other day. She seemed like a really good kid.

While I'm in the comment box, thanks a lot, Jan, for the Can Do Yoga. You are doing a great service, and you are definitely one of the stars who light up my life.

May you, your family, and all your readers have happy lives.