Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's go Totally Random Sunday

I've upgraded Totally Random Sunday with some new ways to play but hey, it's Totally Random Sunday... you can play any way you want!

Here's a sample for you to copy onto other peoples blogs...

Laptop Fishy Tent

You've been RANDOMIZED!!!
Visit here to play:

Of course you want to make up your own three word randomness otherwise it won't be, well, random...

So here is how I've changed the way to play a little after realizing I've made this too hard:

Visit at least 3 other blogs today and randomize them in their comments section. Send them back to me here using the link above and come join us here with the Mr. Linky so we can see your Totally Random Sunday posting if you choose to post your 3 Words of Randomness...

That's it! Have fun and come back every Sunday to play!

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