Saturday, September 20, 2008

Profound thoughts on toilets

I want to rewind for a moment to my experience at Bushi-tei restaurant in San Francisco. Yes, the food was extraordinary and I had Baramundi to die for, but let's talk toilets for a moment. I know this won't make it into most food reviews but the toilet at Bushi-tei was so remarkable that even now many days later I'm still longing for a repeat visit to the loo.

It was a Toto Japanese toilet and it did everything but blow my nose for me. Seriously, this toilet had the works. Heated seat, front and back sprays, air drying for the tush, you name it. The funny thing was that it didn't really flush well, took 3 tries to finally perform the function you most readily expect from a toilet. Oh well, you can't have everything.

Here's an article about this toilet to give you more info about it. Now I know this makes me a real hayseed to be blogging about this toilet but I can't help it. I want one. Now. I don't know if I can go another day with out having my bum anointed and cosseted.

As luck would have it, just two weeks ago the seat of one of our toilets broke and I was shopping for a new seat at Home Depot. I flirted with a soft cushy model and a quiet lid-closing model but now that I've experienced heaven in porcelain, I don't think I can just settle for a boring old toilet again.

Oh well, such were my thoughts when I woke up today. I'll have to teach a LOT of yoga to be able to afford the Toto of my dreams though.

Happy Saturday to you all from the still slightly wounded turtle,


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