Saturday, June 13, 2009

Can-Do Saturday

The kick-off for Can-Do Yoga in the Park was a great success. By my standards anyway. 5 students showed up, 25 cans of food were collected, and many more people walked by and were intrigued enough to take a flyer for next time. The weather was cloudy and cool but it really felt just right. We shared space with two fishermen on the pier and that felt like a nice community sharing as well. I have to admit though, that I was a little relieved that they didn't catch a fish right near us during the yoga class. Poor wee fishy flopping and gasping its last breath on the pier next to my mat would have been a bit challenging to cope with. Not impossible of course, but certainly not my idea of relaxing.

The universe continues to look out for me day by day, as evidenced by a bit too much excitement yesterday afternoon. I was rear-ended by 5 other cars at a red light at about 2:00pm. Still not sure of the details of who did what, BUT we were all okay afterwards and the damage to all cars was minimal to non-existent. WHEW!!! To walk away from a 6 car pile-up is no mean feat and I am EXCEEDINGLY grateful that I am healthy and well today as are I pray, the other drivers and passengers.

It's really strange how everything these days to me seems to be a blessing. Labeling things good or bad is not really a place I immediately jump to anymore. I still see suffering and pain and even still "fear" this for myself and others, but it doesn't paralyze me the way it used to in the past. It also doesn't linger very long either if I do let my mind roam around in those waters for a while occasionally. About 3 weeks ago I had a pretty full-blown panic attack about Swine Flu and even as I was feeling this fear, I was pretty clear about how irrational I was being. In a fairly short time I moved through the fear and felt a sense of peace about whatever might be coming my way. I certainly still feel waves and ripples of discomfort or fear but they simply don't engulf me the way they used to. All this from yoga, meditation, and practicing mindfulness. If I were to label this, I'd have to say it was "good". ;-)

Namaste ya'll,


Six-Word Saturday

Each Day I Breathe, Then Repeat.


Kristina P. said...

I'm glad the Can-do Yoga went well! And that your car was OK!

a corgi said...

I like your 6-word Saturday; so glad that you repeat the formula to breathe every day and then repeat it again and again and again!

also glad that you were not injured or cars severely damaged as a result of that auto accident! Wow!


PetalsYoga said...

Thanks Kristina and Betty. I appreciate your well wishes and your comments. Have a wonderful Sunday!

Melissa B. said...

You know, school ends this week, and I'm considering taking up yoga. Any suggestions? BTW...I'm trying to juggle Sx3 today with a college graduation. Please stop by!

Deanna said...

It definitely sounds like the Can Do Yoga was a huge success. I can't imagine anything quite as peaceful as being on a pier. Wish that was an opportunity here.
Glad to hear you made it through the pile up unscathed and the panic attacks have lessened. Life is good!

andy said...

i didn't know that you were experiencing panic attacks...perhaps i should force myself to find the time to try yoga?

after a session with my doctor on tips to relax my physical being, my anxiety was lifted for the rest of the was nice.

good for you, have a beautiful's promising to be a nice one:)


bodaat said...

Congratulations on your success!!

Hey also - I'm going to be in Portland next weekend. I know it might be a bit awkward (maybe? maybe not?) but do you want to get together for lunch with Rich and I?

PetalsYoga said...


I recommend any yoga that is focused on you listening to your body first and foremost. Many forms push people to ignore their own limitations to push too far too fast and those I think are to be avoided. Otherwise I say treat it like a wine-tasting, a little sip here and there will lead you to the perfect glass.

Thanks for visiting me,


PetalsYoga said...


I wish you could be here with me to share the yoga on the pier. It's really just a wooden pier over a small lake (pond) but it does the trick.

Sending you lots of hugs,


PetalsYoga said...

Hi Andy,

Ya know, I used to get panic attacks all the time. Like full-blown ones revolving around doctors and medicine, but these days I usually have pretty minor ones. It is definitely full time work for me though, to keep centered enough through mindfulness and yoga to not let these fear-filled thoughts and emotions overwhelm me. I'd be glad to give you some breathing tips to help if you'd like. For instance, anytime you are feeling a little shaky try this:

Breathe in deeply through your nose saying to yourself, "I breathe in calm." Pause at the top of the in-breath for one beat and then slowly release the breath through your nose and say to yourself,"I breathe out release."

Definitely find yourself a nurturing yoga teacher and dive right in. Like they say about chicken soup, "it couldn't hurt!".

Hope you had a good Sunday,