Friday, June 5, 2009

The irony of dead batteries...

Sitting at home today waiting to recharge my batteries. Both the one in my car that is by all accounts totally dead and may actually need replacing, as well as the one in my body which for the last few days has been telling me to STOP, conserve a little, and take a break! Hopefully the one in my body will recharge quickly and will outlive it's warranty by about another 50 years or so. The car? Oh well, whatever. The funny story about the car battery is that my darling daughter was playing around in the car last night and thinks she might have accidentally left a light on that finally finished off an already ailing battery. She was in tears this morning when we started to get into the van to go to school and it was locked and wouldn't open with the key gadget thingy. (official name) She tearfully "fessed" up to her mistake and for just a beat I was sternly telling her "not to ever play around with the lights again" and then I just let it go and breathed. Not the end of the world. I even laughed with her about it on the way to school in Daddy's car. I also told her how much I appreciated her telling me the truth so quickly because that saved me alot of worry about what else could be wrong with the car. (as it turns out, that may have been premature because that sucker just won't start!)

In any case, it was a good opportunity to live mindfully and the irony is that this battery malfunction has forced me to stay home today and recharge internally as well. I really wasn't feeling up to all the running around I had planned for today anyway, so now I'm where I should have made the choice to be in any case. Relaxing at home. Okay, not totally relaxing because dishes need to be done and laundry sorted etc... but definitely a more low key day than the one I had planned. And in this moment, I'm actually glad my car battery went kaput. Go figure.

Hope your batteries are charged and ready for a wonderful weekend with folks you love,


p.s. PLEASE go check out the jewelry of my student and friend Ree here: She is a sweet gal and I think her jewelry is just lovely!


Kristina P. said...

Hope you're able to recharge both batteries!

Deanna said...

Breathe deep. I hope you enjoyed your easier day. You might want to send your daughter a special thank you or something. It sounds like you followed my motto - Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff...)