Sunday, March 8, 2009

Touchdown in Oz

We are here... after a grueling and sometimes frenetic trip we've made it. We are freshly showered (believe me, this is a very big deal at the end of this journey!) and only a little muddle-headed. I'll write more later when I'm a bit more here than there.

Family looks great and we are just so happy to be here safe and sound.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes... I'll really try to post something worthwhile tomorrow!




rebel said...

I've been gone a few days and I've been readin' and catchin' up on your posts. You're gonna be in Australia for 3 weeks! Are you lucky or what? I hope you get to send pictures. I can't wait.
Glad you had a safe trip.

bodaat said...

Have an awesome time in Australia! Can't wait to hear more about this trip of yours. It seems like I everybody I know is in Australia right now. :)