Saturday, March 28, 2009

Home sweet home...

So, 22 hours of travel is not exactly a delight but the whole experience was definitely worth it and Dorothy was right... "There's no place like home!"

Some memorable moments from the journey home:

Izzy started bawling the moment we walked into the terminal after saying "goodbye" to her grandparents and she didn't stop until she fell asleep on the plane 2 hours later. I think the customs officer was suspicious that we were either abusing or abducting her because she sobbed her way through all the security checkpoints and customs process. He finally relented when she told him how much she was going to miss her family in Australia, but I was definitely sweating bullets for a moment.

She got an autograph from a Footscray Aussie Rules Football player but we don't know his name and can't read his signature. Also, no one in the family is a Footscray supporter that I know of, so I can't even imagine who we could ask.

The onboard Qantas entertainment system wasn't working for more than half of said 13 hour flight, so time seemed to actually CRAWL by instead of FLYING by. And yes, I was being a whiny baby about it, but then did a little fly-by yoga at the back of the plane, practiced my mindfulness meditation, and then got over it... mostly.

Motion sickness paid a visit at the end of the 13 hour flight. Let's just say it wasn't a pleasure to be holding the barfbag and her hair back at the same time. She felt better almost immediately, but I was definitely green about the gills for some time afterwards.

I lost our (OH SO LIKELY) 22 million dollar Australian tax-free Powerball lottery ticket and will probably never own that property in St. Kilda that I was planning on.... also my husband will probably never stop reminding me that I lost the ticket either and thereby squashed his hopes and dreams too.

I had two Saturday, March 28ths. I still think it's cool that we arrive a few hours before we left Australia. Makes me feel like Mr. Spock. Don't ask me why, it just does.

We arrived back to clouds and rain but the lush beauty of Oregon more than makes up for it. I LOVE this place and although our holiday was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute of it, I'm very happy to be home.

Happy Saturday/Sunday Ya'll,



Tay said...

welcome home Jan! Seems like you were only gone a moment in time. I hope the vacation refreshed you, even though the journey there and back is so very long. I loved reading about the trip~ thanks for sharing!

rebel said...

Welcome home. I bet you had so much fun. It's funny but when I leave on vacation I can't wait to get away from my house and I'm sick to death of it but when I return to my home, it looks so good and it feels like the best place in the whole wide world.
Glad you had a safe trip.

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks Tay and Rebel. I'm still slightly punchy but it is really great to be in my own bed and shower.

Much love to you both,


Michael said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog last weekend!

Time zones fascinate me, too. I have a Twitter pal who lives in North Dakota, and I read her tweets on the President's press conference last week. Then, as my housemate watched the conference in the other room as it aired in California, I kept hearing Obama say things I swore I'd heard him say before... :)

Were you able to participate in Earth Hour, or were you en route during that time?

Ms Cupcake said...

It's a long flight from Down Under. I loved my time in Australia.

Welcome home!

Stopping by from sits.