Friday, March 20, 2009

An interview with Izzy

Hi everybody,

Still on holiday and having a wonderful time. Have lots to share but for the moment my daughter Izzy will be my special guest on this blog entry. She has graciously consented to be interviewed tonight. So here goes...

Question: What is your favorite thing about Australia?
Answer: Well, there are a few things I really like here. One is the nice sunshine and two is getting to spend time with my family. I like a lot of things but they are not always my favorite. Like going to the beach, going down to the shops, and sleeping in really late.

Question: What kind of animal do you think you are most like?
Answer: A chimpanzee because they are our great, great, great, and so on ancestors.

Question: Did your father teach you that?
Answer: Yes ... and Charles Darwin!

Question: Do you know that I disagree with this?
Answer: Actually, you just do that to bug me and dad.

Question: Would I do that?
Answer: Definitely!

Question: Where do freckles come from?
Answer: The sun.

Question: Are you sure they aren't Martian markings?
Answer: Not unless somehow Martians made a time machine and a time freezer and they went back in time right before I got my freckles, froze the time and put little Martian dots all over me.

Question: Doesn't that seem likely?
Answer: "Oh I'm sure that happened!" (Heavy sarcasm noted)

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Answer: That is a very hard question and I have absolutely positutely no idea.

Question: Don't you really want to be a doctor?
Answer: Kind of... maybe.

Question: YAYYYYYYY!!!!
Answer: Okayyyyyy.... that's not really a question otherwise there would be a question mark as a punctuation.

Question: Are you sure??????

Thank you very much Izzy for joining me on this blog tonight.

Random picture inserted....

This is Gog and Magog and they hang out in my favorite shopping area here in Melbourne called the Royal Arcade. You can read more about them here.


rebel said...

Nice interview!LOL
I'm glad you're havin' a good time and I like the picture.
Are you sure you're gonna want to come home?

Punkn said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. How much longer before you have to head home?

PetalsYoga said...

We leave in a week. It's gone so quickly already and we'll be sad to leave but you know what Dorothy said right? "There's no place like home!"

Thanks for keeping up with me here on the blog. My internet connection here has been a bit funny so I haven't been visiting very often but I'm glad to see you both.