Friday, September 25, 2009

Making the world a better place.

My lovely friend Kavita from Bodaat posted about one family helping another in need. It is about this amazing woman named Braja and her seemingly infinite capacity for kindness and generosity. After suffering horribly from a car accident in India she is now seeking to help out Vijay, the injured driver of her car. Please read this post to send them whatever help (spiritual or monetary) you can.

So many people touching lives around the world. I woke up today with the blues (still missing my puppy and just a little melancholy) and now I find myself uplifted by this story of compassion and perseverance. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to reach out and help someone in this world who I will likely never meet.

But I do have someone in my life who shares the name Vijay with this driver. My student VJ who is kind, generous, and also burdened by physical challenges. VJ, who has shared with me that he is often in pain, and yet I'm sure no one who meets him would ever know it. He is always smiling, going out of his way to help others, and absolutely the most loyal friend one could have. VJ, in your honor I dedicate this post and my donation to this other Vijay in India. I pray that not only the money, but the tremendous spirit of his twin namesake here in Oregon helps Vijay in Navadwip reach all of his dreams.

In gratitude,



♥ Braja said...

My God, Jan, that is so beautiful...what a compassionate soul you are...bless you....

PetalsYoga said...


I am so grateful to you and for you...



Anonymous said...

Thanks Jan for a great post and providing the link to Braja's blog. I have added her blog to my "stumbled upon" list in the hope that others will click through to the post about Vijay. I am planning a post next week about an Indian charity for the disabled I have become involved with and I'll work in a few lines about Vijay there if that seems appropriate.

How are you all? You must be missing Sara terribly after having her in your life for so long :( And how is Chris doing?

Deanna said...

Losing a pet is not something a person gets over easily. Hugsssss.

What a beautiful post. You have a heart of gold.

bodaat said...

:) your post makes me smile.

Vijay said...

Hi, Jan,
Thanks a lot for all the compliments. I, personally, credit all that to the process instead of the result. By process, I mean, years of meditation, yoga, Alexander technique & great friends and teachers (not in any particular order). You have for sure been one of my most helpful friends and teachers. I have always admired how you turned the experiences of many serious health problems into opportunities for making positive changes in your life and keep using what you learned in helping others who have been having problems of their own. I also admire how at every one of your yoga classes you become not just a great teacher, but also a very caring friend to every one of your students.
With a million thanks,

I wish my namesake in India all the best in coming out of that unfortunate situation. I contributed through the web site and wish transfer merits of all the good deeds I have done.