Sunday, May 3, 2009

Coast Post

Posting from the beach house with my two close friends Mary and Ulla. Had oysters for the first time tonight (just before my 40th birthday) and loved them. Mary barbecued them with yummy artichoke and hotpepper sauce and it was delicious beyond compare. We tried our hand at clamming today during low tide and succeeded in harvesting a lot of seaweed and rocks but no clams. Turns out that shovels come in handy for clamming. I really assumed they would just jump in the bucket but this was, like many assumptions, completely wrong. We've had a wonderful weekend away together and I'm so glad I was able to come. I miss my peeps but it is great to recharge the batteries with good friends who understand you completely.

Hope this finds you healthy, happy, and full of zing yourself,

Not so clammin' Jan

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bodaat said...

i've always wanted to try oysters! they sound a bit wierd but everybody says how wonderful they are that i can't wait to try them one day. :) sounds like you loved them too! what a fun weekend!