Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday treats and thinks...

I think I have a cake obsession... seriously. I spent a not insignificant portion of today drooling over this blog: Bakerella


then not really drooling but really loving this blog: CakeWrecks

Followed by the realization that my birthday is coming up next week and I can justify this obsession as simply research for the perfect birthday cake. Right?

So how about you? Any obsessions for you? What has taken your time and attention today? I'm meditating on this cake thing in hopes of detaching from it and maybe even letting go. This practicing being present is hard work for sure. So...maybe just one of these special "cupcakes" from Moonstruck?


Hope your day is sweet too...



Kristina P. said...

My birthday is actually today, and I got home and my husband had bought some cupcakes from my favorite cupcake bakery! It was so nice, because he's not great with being spontaneous and coming up with something all on his own.

bodaat said...

My latest obsession is a nearby South Indian Vegetarian restaurant that I can't get enough of!