Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The best present ever.

I turned 40 on Monday. It was a good day and I've been getting spoiled by students and friends every day since. But I wanted to share with you the best present I've ever gotten. This:

My sweet daughter made this cake for me while I was out at an all-day Yoga Teaching Workshop. I came home to yummy smells, chocolate heaven, and my sweet gal beaming ear-to-ear because she had made me such a special present. I love it and will always treasure the fact that she made my 40th so special.

I also received beautiful flowers for my big day.

These are from my wonderful in-laws in Australia:

These are from my wonderful parents in Tennessee:

and these are from the hubbinator:

On Monday night I was teaching and one of my friends dropped into the class with a balloon for me and pastry treats for us all to share. AND....

Today, one of my students had an impromptu cupcake party surprise for me after class and she gave out pieces of her beautiful hand-designed jewelry to us all.

Here's a picture of my beautiful necklace:

Yes I know it, I'm totally spoiled. BUT I'm so very thankful not only for the goodies, flowers, and good wishes, but most especially for the wonderful people that are in my life. The loving-kindness that flows over and through my days and nights are the things that really make me happy. Every moment of every day of my life is a blessing and even when things seem tough, I feel lucky to know that the next moment will be a little easier because of the amazing people I have all around me.

Thank you all! (and that certainly includes my friends through this blog too!)




Kristina P. said...

Happy belated birthday!

Deanna said...

Happy Birthday,Jan - fellow Taurus. What a wonderful birthday! It is often the little things, such as an unexpected cake, that is the biggest in our hearts. I'm glad you had such a nice birthday.

bodaat said...

happy belated birthday! i love that your day was filled with love, happiness and flowers! it's my favorite combination. :)

meynarez12 said...

Happy Birthday
i Love my aunt Jan.
tell Izzy the cake looks amazing.Love Aaron