Sunday, January 11, 2009

Six Word Sundays

Based on the brilliant idea of Cate at ShowMyFace.

Knee went blooey, now ice rules.

Yup, hurt my knee doing absolutely NOTHING yesterday at a bookstore. Seriously, I was stooping down to look at a low shelf and then I was on the ground in pain. NOT GOOD! I swear, the closer I get to forty, the more I feel like I'm in an accelerated time warp towards decay. I don't really mind it, except when it hurts. I can take wrinkles, age spots, grey streaks in the hair, etc., but pain is really unfair.

I think we should all be able to age gracefully in pink fuzzy big-screen movie Nirvana. Like a soft focus filter lens erases all the icky bits and we can be tossed off of 9 story buildings and walk away without a scratch. Oh well, back to reality. Ice is nice and with ADVIL as my witness, I WILL be together in time to teach my classes starting on January 21st. (Had a very Scarlett O'Hara moment there for a moment... apologies to Mr. DeMille).

So that's my weekend. Funny how I didn't QUITE manage to dodge the lightning strike from my last post after all. Oh well, I was right anyway. This IS what life is all about. You gots to have the good with the bad my friends. And relatively speaking, this ain't so bad.

Love and fuzzy pink Nirvana wishes for you all this Sunday,


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