Friday, January 9, 2009

A day of beauty... well an attempt anyway.

I had my hair cut and eyebrows shaped today at an Aveda salon and it was fun. I spent the whole day with my friend Kristen and we shopped for cool skincare bargains, exotic foods (like HP sauce for hubby) and just had an all around great day. Nothing earth-shattering but still a bunch of great moments tied together to make some sweet memories. I am so thankful for the great friends and family that surround me near and far. My days are filled with meaningful connections, conversations, and helping adults and children live (hopefully) better lives through yoga and reading. If someone asked me if I would change anything in my life I can honestly say I wouldn't change a thing. Not the health difficulties I've overcome (because they've made this time all the sweeter), nor the challenges I have yet to face, because that is simply life. Okay, to be fair I'd like to drop several pounds I've packed on this year, have laser hair removal, and write a best-selling book. BUT OTHER THAN THAT.... I'm disgustingly content.

So now that I've posted this, the superstitious yenta in me is waiting to be struck by lightning, but hopefully I'll manage to duck just in time.

I hope this weekend finds you savoring the many great moments in your own life, big and small.

Thankfully yours,


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Call Me Cate said...

I need a haircut in the worst way. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

BTW - my WiiFit tells me I'm unbalanced. Haha, not sure if they mean physcially or mentally.