Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday with blue skies....

Today was one of those rare perfect days. Gorgeous weather, happy exchanges with friends and family, great yoga class taught. Perfect.

I'm finishing the giant haul of Read Naturally training (an intensive reading program) at Izzy's school this week. I've spent 19 hours in the school working on the program and getting the volunteers trained and ready. Big sigh of relief that I'm almost done. Then I just continue working 8 hours a week instead. Much better. Have I mentioned that this is a volunteer position? I must be spending too much time at school as two teachers today mentioned that I should apply to be on the payroll. :-0

My yoga class today was a joy. I was in the zone and it felt great. I had a student come up to me after class and tell me that I helped her feel so much happier than she had when she arrived in class. She gave me a giant hug and said "thank you". I can't imagine achieving ANYTHING better than that. Not to mention getting paid to do it!

So my day was fruitful and light. I hope you have the same.



Heather Petri said...

I am so happy you are healthy and happy. Wish I could take your yoga class...lord knows I need to be more flexible. Love your energy.

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks Heather... anytime you come to Portland, Oregon just email me here and I'll hook you up with a free yoga class. I started my yoga volunteer teaching with the girls water polo team here in Beaverton, Oregon. Talk about kids with giant hearts!!!!