Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and all things hallow...

Another Halloween celebrated with family and friends. This is one of our VERY favorite traditions. It has evolved into a giant food fest with crazy costumes and lots of games and sugar-crazed children. In the past hubby has dressed up as an inflatable clown, Superman, and even the Big Bad Wolf. This year he surpassed all others by donning a giant baby costume complete with bonnet, giant milk bottle, and rattle. Izzy conned him into it by promising to make him breakfast in bed for a week. I don't think he even got breakfast in bed THIS morning! He is such a great dad!

My Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow and of course this will leave a big hole in our day to day lives. We love having them around and Izzy will certainly be missing the spoiling she has come to count on!

I taught my morning yoga class today and I suppose because it is already a small class (only 5 participants), is team taught by 4 teachers each sharing one Saturday a month, and because it was the day after Halloween, I only had one intrepid student show up.

She was lovely and our session was fulfilling and inspirational. I feel that I've broken through in my teaching and found my voice again. All feels authentic and light. THAT is a hallowed tradition.

I hope you are filled with many hallowed moments as well,


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