Friday, October 10, 2008

Lazy lazy lazy...

Laziness in tandem with spurts of wild activity these last two weeks has led to the slowdown of my blogging. I'm back today and I will make every attempt to continue to post at least once a week, but you know, I'm a very sluggish sort.

Izzy has been finding magical creatures all over the house. Gnomes, fairies, and even a small Yom Kippur Koala have made recent visits. They leave magical stones and sometimes even messages. She is entranced by the magic as are many of her 3rd and 4th grade friends. They call and email about the things they are finding in their own backyards and playgrounds. One even called to say she found a gnomestone in her shoes... who could imagine?

The real magic to me is that in such a cynical world, children who no longer believe in Santa or even the tooth fairy are so eager to embrace a magical gnome who visits and leaves pieces of "glass" money for them to collect and share. I don't know who gets more out of the whole game, Izzy and her friends or the adults who are accomplices. I do know that having a nine year old who still believes in magical creatures keeps me younger and happier as well.

Hope this finds you looking at your world with a little more wonder and a lot less stress,



Anonymous said...

This age group are so interesting aren't they? I recall having a witches club at the age of 9 and yes we could make spells and magic potions. Alice is longing for teenagehood and independence yet truly believes that her stuffed "Froggy" is real and chats away to him. Quite wonderful. Have a lovely weekend folks! Lots of love Angela xxxx

Sarah said...

Speaking of magic. Take a look at this awe inspiring creature in this video.

I believe in the magic of living a life of adventure. Then the exchanges we have with each other bring out the impossible, often tucked away, brilliant creatures we are as earth people.


Sarah said...

Magic is the word of the day. It started with an email from a friend and then, viola, it showed up in Jan's blog.

Then, just now I read about the magic of hope which is "it is an invitation to enjoy the possibility of what you want while you and life negotiate the eventual outcome." (Michael Neill)

This is what children are really all about. They focus on their dreams and possibilities because it's natural to them. So gnomes and fairies and all such magical creatures return us home.

How about that possibility? We keep our dreams and magic and that's what our life becomes.