Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More memories from the trip...

Izzy and me in front of a boxing kangaroo...

Click here for more info about The famous Beach Bathing Boxes of Brighton:

The roundabout on Church Street Brighton- think 4 way stop with no stopping...

Roundabouts: Roundabouts are intersections which have a central traffic island around which you must travel in a clockwise direction.

* Approaching and Turning: When approaching a roundabout you should consider which direction you wish to travel away from the intersection and so choose the appropriate lane to approach the roundabout. Sometimes arrow marking are on the roadway to assist drivers to choose. Approach the roundabout in the right lane if you plan to turn right and approach in the left lane if you plan to turn left. You may continue travelling straight ahead from either lane.
* Entering A Roundabout: Give way to traffic entering or already on the roundabout if there is any risk of collision but keep moving if the way is clear.
* When Intending To Turn Right: Enter the roundabout via the right lane and exit the roundabout via the right lane, keeping to the right side within the roundabout. When entering the roundabout indicate right, when exiting the roundabout indicate left.
* When Intending To Turn Left: Enter the roundabout via the left lane and exit the roundabout via the left lane, keeping to the left within the roundabout. When entering and exiting the roundabout indicate left.
* When Continuing Straight Ahead: Enter the roundabout according to the directions given by the approach arrows, and keep to the same side as you enter the roundabout. When exiting the roundabout indicate left.

Please note that care needs to be taken on the roundabout when being used by cyclists, pedestrians, or long vehicles which may occupy more than one lane when driving around the roundabout.

If you cannot leave the roundabout because it is unsafe then go around again.

That's a good metaphor for life don't you think?

Anyway, we're still lagging and jagging...and now I'm fighting off a cold. Hope you aren't stuck in too many roundabouts in your life right now.

Happy Wednesday,



Punkn said...

I've been enjoying the pictures. Gotta luv those hats. We have roundabouts in a few places here in Missouri and they always confuse me. I avoid them with a passion!

Kristina P. said...

Roundabouts are pretty easy. You would think more people would know how to use them!

Anonymous said...

The only roundabouts I dislike are the ones we get in the UK with three or four lanes - and you have to keep switching lanes to find your way out! Mental. Otherwise they do keep the traffic moving .... we've only got one set of traffic lights in our town which is good....

Love to you all, Angela xxx

Richard K. (Dick) Wright said...

Welcome home, my favoite Yogini!
Namaste and continued dharma. --Dick from Wrights Lane.

rebel said...

Love your photos! As Punkn said, we have a few roundabouts scattered about here in Missouri, I don't mind usin' them but I always think, Why?
I guess in congested areas they are probably a good thing but here in MO they are out in the country! LOL
That's hillbilly's for ya.

Chef E said...

Love this...when I was in Ireland and I was driving, I loved whizzing around the round a bouts...weeeeee

Love the bath houses, and history behind them...looks like good ocean fun!

Some towns are bringing them back, like Dallas, and St Louis I worked and lived as a chef, NJ only has one in my area, but weeeeeee and around we go, lol, being silly!