Monday, February 23, 2009

Grounded in a good way....

I went to a wonderful yoga class with Brant Rogers of Yoga Hillsboro today. If you live anywhere near the Portland, Oregon metro area I highly recommend taking a class with Brant. My body had a chance to open and breathe in such a beautiful way and I am certainly more ready to teach my own classes tonight with such a great "grounding" earlier today.

During final relaxation pose, Grant happened to play the instrumental tune "The Water is Wide". This is the song that as a young bride I walked down the aisle to, over 17 years ago with my darling hubby. I was nearly in tears as I rested on the ground and let the years flow through my imperfect and yet still usable body.

How evocative is music memory... the very first few bars had me nearly weeping. I feel the same way about certain scents as well. Wouldn't it be amazing to live each day with such awareness that this moment is a future opportunity of sensory memory? Maybe not. I definitely don't want to remember certain scents, sounds, sights, tastes, or touches. What do you think?

Leave me a comment with your most evocative sensory experience and see if just remembering it is enough to bring you back into the moment of then and now. How are you different in this moment from the memory moment? How are you the same? Isn't it fun to play with sensory awareness?

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Stesha said...

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Jocelyn said...

Yesterday I got hypnotized to quit smoking. It was sensory overload and I was exhausted!

I still have two sessions to go.

It was like there were 500 pound weights on my eyelids and my sub conscious mind was taking over..


PetalsYoga said...


That is truly sensory overload. I hope it works for you!

Thanks for visiting,


rebel said...

I can't think of anything right now but every once in a while I'll get a whiff of somethin' and it reminds me of another time long ago, like maybe when I was a kid or somethin'. I always try to concentrate and recall what the smell reminds me of or what it's connected to. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. It's kinda funny to think a smell will linger in your memory like that and trigger long forgotten moments in time.
I've enjoyed your post. Thanks