Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Can irony deepen into goldy???

So, today in the Yoga for Healing class I had a full-on asthma attack which for me involves hacking, coughing, and not breathing very well. Had to leave the room to run to the restroom in the middle of a meditation sequence. I recovered but have felt pretty weak and tired all day. I'm off to the Dr. tomorrow for a good once over. It really is getting fairly Monty Python-ish though. I was playing the whole thing over in my mind this evening and I started giggling at the image of my whole class trying to meditate while I'm obviously coughing up a kidney... The good news is that many people came up to me afterwards and told me what a great class it was, so go figure. They were either just being supportive and kind or I somehow channeled BKS Iyengar during my pertussive fit.

Hope this finds you healthy, happy, and content,



bodaat said...

I hope you feel better soon!

rebel said...

I'm glad you're ok. I know from hearin' about it from friends that it can be very scary to suddenly not be able to breath.
I bet you teach a good yoga class. I mean, they didn't break their meditation and come to your rescue, so you have taught 'em well. Be proud grasshopper.

PetalsYoga said...


Thanks for the good wishes and concern. I just got back from the doctor and I'm on the track to getting well.


You crack me up as always. They really were very focused. I was a proud little grasshopper....or Kung Fu Panda... whichever you prefer!