Sunday, February 1, 2009

Back in the saddle...

Okay, I'm not back in the saddle but at least I'm back on my feet. I've recovered from the fall on the world's smallest patch of ice last Friday and will hopefully be perfectly capable of teaching my two yoga classes tomorrow night. I'll move through some gentle yoga today and see how it feels. Thanks to everyone who commented and asked how I was feeling. It certainly helps to have the kind wishes.

I've just finished doing my daily homework for the mindfulness class and I have to say it is either getting easier or I am actually sleeping through the whole body scan but dreaming so vividly about it that I don't know I'm missing it. In any case, the whole thing is better and my attitude is CERTAINLY better now. When I fell on the ice my back started throbbing almost immediately and I began having those thoughts that you have when you get worried that you've really hurt yourself badly. Things like, "How will I be able to teach my classes?" or "How could I have been so stupid to wear these slippery shoes?". Mental pain on top of physical pain. The moment I heard myself, I stopped the inner diatribe and just began to focus on my breath. Magically the pain in my back lessened and became manageable. See, this stuff really works! So at least I finally have something cool to share in class next Thursday.

Well, that's my weekend. We're off to wash clothes again at my parents condo because I still haven't bought a washing machine. Procrastination thy name is Jan.
Either that or my name is La Cheapskate... I'm not sure which.

Anyway, please take care and have a beautiful day wherever you are,



rebel said...

My goodness, I'm glad you're ok. It's not fun fallin' like that. Earlier in the season my deck steps were slick and I stepped on 'em and down I went BUT I stayed standin up all the way down! Couldn't do that again if I tried. I hate fallin'. I just don't bounce like I use to. I'm glad to hear you're gonna make it. LOL

PetalsYoga said...

Thanks Rebel,

I've been missin' you. Get working on those posts gal!



rebel said...

I just read your comment on my post. I was tickled by what you said about your bras and impressed by your grit. I'm not so sure I would have such a healthy attitude.
I already thought you must be a strong woman because of your dedication to yoga but now I know for sure.

Synergy Girl said... is so decieving...My son slipped at 18 months, and my back was turned. When I turned and saw him sitting in the icy snow crying, I picked him up, dusted him off, soothed him, and packed him off to Walmart. On our way in I was guiding him with my hand, and realized the half of his little head was swollen and squishy...PANICK!!! I rushed him to the ER where they told me he had a hematoma, and fractured skull...AHHHH!!! STuPiD iCe!!! Hope you are feeling better...!!

PetalsYoga said...

That is horrifying. Just proves that you NEVER know what's coming next round the bend. I'm glad that all is well now for you, your son, and your whole family.

bodaat said...

How inspiring! I'm very much a believer in mind over matter and that a positive state of mind breeds health in the heart and body. Yay for your blog. :) Glad that your back is feeling better.